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Type of Action: Injuries Arising Out of a Motorcycle vs. Car accident.

LC vs. State Farm Insurance

Defense Attorney:


Demand: $150,000.00

Summary of the Case:
LC was hit while driving a motorcycle owned by fiance, JK. LC was on his way to work. He was getting off the freeway and was making a right-hand turn with the green light onto 77th going eastbound.  After he made the turn, he noticed the Defendant coming at him westbound in the eastbound lane and they collided. The bike landed on top of him. He was taken to Fairview Southdale ER. Defendant apologized at the scene.

Demand:         Defendant:      $50,000.00

UIM:               $100,000.00

Settlement:  $150,000.00

Type of Action: Injuries arising out of a work related motor vehicle accident.

SG vs. Liberty Mutual, American National Insurance and Farmers insurance

Summary of the Case:

SG was a forklift operated. His employer required him to submit to random drug testing while he is on the clock. He drove his car to the drug testing facility and was on his way back to work. SG was stopped for a red light that turned green. As SG proceeded forward into the intersection, he was his broadsided by a distracted driver that ran the red light.

As a result of the collision, SG sustained injuries to his low back. He was diagnosed with disc degeneration at L5-S1, mild central stenosis, L5-S1, and transitional lumbosacral junction with sacralization and S1S2 disc.  SG underwent a bilateral laminectomies at L5 and Si, a interbody posterior lumbar fusion at L5-S1, with disc prosthesis, and posteriolateral fusion at L5-S1 with bone graft. As a result, SG was unable to work for over 6 mos, and underwent post-surgical therapy. SG incurred $150,000.00 in medical expenses, not including wage loss.

No-Fault :       Demand:         $8,000.00

Offer:              $1,000.00

Settlement:      $8,000.00

Bodily Injury: Demand: $50,000.00

Settlement: $50,000.00

UIM :              Demand: $100,000.00

Settlement: $91,500.00

Workers Compensation Benefits: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Medical Expenses Settlement: $150,000.00, plus medical expense benefits remain open. If SG requires future treatment, Liberty Mutual has agreed to pay all related medical expenses.

Wage loss Settlement: All outstanding wage loss and any future wage loss

Injury Settlement: 30,000.00

Total Settlement: $329,500.00 plus outstanding wage loss

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